Meet Dr. Sproles


Dr. Alan C. Sproles


University of Southern California D.D.S. Dentistry

Boston University  M.Sc.D.  Endodontics

Professional Memberships:

Member                                Member

American Association of         American Association of

Endodontists                        Implant Dentists

American Dental Association

California Dental Association

Tulare-Kings Dental Society


The Benefits of Consulting an Endodontist/Implantologist

One of the important decisions that Dr. Sproles, an Endodontist/Implantologist, makes on a daily basis is whether a patient’s tooth can be saved or not.  People are sent to us for a root canal but sometimes the tooth can’t be saved and sometimes they can be saved but the tooth isn’t worth saving.  Unfortunately, sometimes teeth need to be extracted.
In the past “hero-dontics” was common. We were taught in dental school to try to save teeth at all cost.  A lot of people’s hard earned money was spent in a sincere effort to save their teeth.  Mainly because there were few, if any, good alternatives.  But now, “herodontics” is usually not a good investment. 
Why?  Because now we have good alternatives. And one of those is dental implants.  And the Endodontist/Implantologist is an outstanding resource in making these difficult determinations.
Why?  Because we are an unbiased party.  Whether it’s a root canal or an implant makes no difference.  Dr. Sproles uses his best judgment that’s in the best interest of the patient with the situation presented.  He may suggest other possibilities such as a fixed bridge or a partial denture.  Other factors may inter into his decision such as ability to pay, health, habits, age, etc.
Sometimes Dr. Sproles will notice missing teeth or old partial dentures and will suggest ways to make you mouth like it was before you lost those teeth.  The joy of throwing a partial denture away after 30 years is amazing!  In many cases getting rid of 30 years of aggravation in 4 months!
If you encounter a tooth that cannot be saved or have missing teeth that has required you to wear a mouthful of metal or just want to feel the roof of your mouth again, the Endodontist/Implantologist can help.  Help is what we do everyday!